Squeak Entertainments maintain the highest standards of health and safety and will only use recognised facepainting products such as Snazaroo, Wolfe, Grimas and Kryolan, which are covered by product liability.

+ To prevent cross contamination, we will use one sponge per face.
+ We advise that facepaint should be removed with warm water and a soft flannel.
+ We also recommend that facepaint should NOT be kept on for more than 3 hours.
+ Squeak Entertainments will NOT paint on broken skin, rashes, chicken pox or cold-sores,
  or on any part of the body we deem inappropriate.
+ A skin patch test will be offered to anyone who may be concerned about sensitive skin or allergies.
+ An arm or hand painting will be offered to anyone who is too young or cant have paint on their face.
+ Squeak Entertainments are no liable for any allergic reactions that may occur from the paints.
+ We will paint any child who is happy and willing to be painted as we wish the experience to be an enjoyable one.

Our Policies

+ Provide Full Public Liability Insurance.
+ Adhere to health, safety and hygene standards.
+ Ensure a professional and reliable service.
+ Liase fully and effectively with our customers.
+ Ensure complete customer satisfaction.
+ Use only high quality, hypo-allergenic water based paints which are CE and FDA Approved.
+ Review and update our Service on a regular basis.
+ Attend training courses to enhance our skills, keeping in touch with 'whats-on' in the face painting world
+ Monitor the performance and standards of all painters.
+ Ensure an ethical approach and data protection.

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